• Master Station
    • Router - 'Red' (classified/unencrypted)

    • Encryptor - Type 1

    • Router/switch - 'Black' (unclassified/encrypted)

    • Wireless LAN controller - 'Black' (unclassified/encrypted)

    • Weight: 95 lbs

  • End Node
    • Router/switch = 'Black' (unclassified/encrypted)

    • Wireless access point (AP) _ 'Black' (unclassified/encrypted)

    • Encryptors _ Type 1 (3 for wireless users and 1 for wired users

    • Switch _ 'Red' (classified/unencrypted)

    • Weight: 87 lbs

  • Specifications Management Node
    • FIPS 140-2 Certification

    • T1/E1 Voice / WAN w/ Drop & Insert

    • T1/E1 Voice / WAN w/ D&I & unstructured E1 (G703)

    • High-density voice/fax

    • 802.11 a/b/g

    • 10/100/1000 Ethernet

    • Serial High-Speed WAN

    • ISDN BRI High-Speed WAN

    • 16 LAN-connected access points

    • 16 Remote Access Points

    • 4,096 MAC addresses

    • 128 VLAN IP interfaces

    • 2,048 IPv4 unicast routes

    • 128 System BSSIDs

    • VSAT Support

    • KG-175C and KG-250

  • End User Node
    • DS-102 Common Fill Device (CFD) support

    • AN/CYZ-10

    • Single key; symmetrical

    • COMSEC - Approved up to SECRET

    • Unlicensed, ISM band, 2412-2462 MHz (U.S.)

    • 11 (3 nonoverlapping) 1, 2, 5.5, & 11 Mbps

    • Dual 2.0 dBi dipoles

    • Standard SMA supports external accessories

    • IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet Plus

    • 48 10/100/1000 PoE

    • Optional four 1 GE SFP or two 10 GE SFP+ uplink network modules

    • MAC security features


SMS Data Products Group developed and configured a self-contained, secure communications system. It provides wired and wireless users with communications capability within an installation's cantonment areas such as buildings, facilities or forward operating locations.

The Mobile Kit consists of Management Node and End User Node components. The Manager Node component resides anywhere that has a Secured Internet Protocol Network (SIPRNet) point of presence and Local Area Network (LAN) drop. The End User Node component supports the users and can be placed anywhere there is a local LAN drop. A single Management Node component can provide connectivity to one or more End User Nodes depending upon the specific connectivity requirements of the customer.

Additionally, the kit has the capability to interconnect to a Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT) to provide SIPRNet connectivity in an installation's isolated areas, forward locations. All equipment contained within the kit will operate on 110-220V AC power.



Management Node Mobile Kit provides SIPRNet connectivity for users that are connected either wired or wireless to End User Node components of the kit.

End User Node of the Mobile Kit provides connectivity to the Non-Secure Internet Protocol Network (NIPRNet) and acts as an aggregation point for all wired and wireless users.

User End-To-End Connectivity

Each 'End User Node' of the kit supports up to 20 wired users and up to 20 wireless users. Secure communication is established across an unsecure network through an encrypted tunnel set up between the Type-1 encryptor in 'Management Node' and the Type-1 encryptor in the 'End User Node'.

The mobile kit is a stable platform that will allow SIPR traffic over NIPR. The first unit to use the kit had zero service calls for the kit itself. Simply stated, it performed without flaw. The kit is truly plug-n-play, you plug it in and it works. Configuring computers to work on the system only requires simple, basic networking skills. The uses for this kit are only limited by the physical security requirements for classified computers. The kit is extremely user friendly and portable.

LTC Beverly Hartfield Telecommunications Program Coordinator / CSJFTC


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