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Albuquerque, NM
Alexandria, VA
Bedford, MA
Biloxi, MS
Colorado Springs, CO
Chambersburg, PA
Cherry Hill, NJ
Edwards AFB, CA
Fort Huachuca, AZ
Fort Meade, MD
Hampton, VA
McConnell AFB, KA
Montgomery, AL
Mount Weather, VA
Quantico, VA
San Antonio, TX
Scott AFB, IL
Redstone Arsenal, AL
Washington D.C.
Wichita, KS         



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"At SMS quality is 90 percent attitude and 10 percent technique. We understand that quality is a process and not a destination. The entire organization feels in a constant state of becoming . . . becoming better at everything we do. Our main focus is the organizational development of process skills to ensure that everyone does his or her job right the first time and every time."-Juan Hernandez, President 



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Client Success Stories - United States Air Force GCCS and SDIN


SMS Project Highlight


United States Air Force

Global Command and Control System and

The Space Command Digital Integrated Network (SDIN)


In 2015, the Air Force was looking for an extremely dependable Company to manage and operate two of the Air Forces’ most mission critical systems - the Global Command and Control System (GCCS) and the Space Command Digital Integrated Network (SDIN).  SMS was selected as the company they trusted to operate these platforms based on SMS’ experience running the Pentagon and National Military Command Center Operations. As part of the SMS 24 x 7 GCCS and SDIN support, we provide Assessment and Authorization Services, Vulnerability Management, Cybersecurity networking and application engineering, active directory, replication, and backup support services to 14 world-wide locations (Schriever, Peterson, Vandenberg, McGhee-Tyson, USAFA, Buckley, Patrick, Los Angeles, Malmstrom, FE Warren, Minot, Lackland, Robins, & Tinker).