Linh Pham Retirement Interview

Linh Pham announced his retirement this year after 33 years with SMS. Linh came to the U.S. in 1975 after honorably serving in the South Vietnamese Air Force as a combat pilot. He settled in the Washington Metro area working multiple jobs to put himself through school as a computer and electronic technician, eventually starting his professional career with Xerox.  Thankfully for us, Linh found SMS and in his three decades here, supported multiple high profile SMS customers including the Pentagon and the DoD Joint Chiefs of Staff. His SMS colleagues grew to know his stalwart work ethic and positive personality even better when he spent the last few years of his career supporting SMS’ HQ IT Department.

Below are some interesting highlights of Linh’s background and long career with SMS!

SMS:  Where did you grow up?

Linh: I was born and grew up in Saigon, South Viet Nam with my brother and sister.

SMS: When did you join SMS and what was your first assignment?

Linh: I started working at SMS on 7/13/1987 as a Lab Technician with the Test and Integration Department for the Pentagon, where we integrated Cisco and other equipment used by U.S. troops during Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

SMS: What was your most challenging project, and why?

Linh: My last assignment working at SMS’ HQ Information Technology Department.

SMS:  What did you like most about working at SMS?

Linh:  Company values, focus on quality, friendship, support and good leadership.

SMS: Can you share a special memory from your time at SMS?

Linh: The day after Sept 11, 2001, my co-workers and I were tasked with restoring the Headquarters of the Army’s network at an offsite location. Working three days around the clock, we were successful. While taking a short break for lunch, I was approached by the Chief of Staff for the Army, General Eric Shinseki, who shook my hand and thanked me for my dedication and perseverance in restoring vital military communications. That really brightened my day after many hours without sleep.

SMS: What are your plans for retirement?

Linh: Babysitting my first grandchild and gardening!

Thank you Linh, for the memories and the great service to both SMS and your country!