Spotlight Global Fitness Challenge

Global Fitness Challenge - The Final Push!

SMS Spring 2021 Fitness Challenge!  The challenge officially ended on March 8th and we logged over 200,000 minutes of activity, averaging roughly 250 minutes per participant!


Our two top teams are:



First Place – Kingdom Love at Gunter AFB in Montgomery, AL

The team has picked the Montgomery Alabama Area Food Bank as their charity of choice.  SMS will be making a $1,500 donation in their honor for being the winning team!

Team Members Include – Aaron Graffius (Team Captain), Gretchen Graffius and Brenna McGee


Second Place – All Aboard the Brinkman Ship at Kirtland AFB, in Albuquerque, NM

The team has chosen the New Life Church of God as their charity of choice and SMS will be making a $1,500 donation to them as well, in honor of the team winning second place!

Team Members Include – Chris Brinkman (Captain), Jonathan Brinkman, Israel Milla and Angeleah Matthiensen


Congratulations to our top two teams and to all 13 teams participating in the challenge!


In addition to our team winners, we had two final raffle winners as well!


Our 6th Week Raffle Winner is Robert C. Leitch from our C4 contract at Kirtland AFB.  Robert is part of the Managed Expectation team and logged over 2,500 minutes for the challenge!  Robert has won a $150 Target gift card!


Our final raffle included all participants who had at least 150 minutes, on average, throughout the entire challenge.  The big winner of the overall fitness challenge raffle is Paul Nerney from Hanscom AFB, MA!!  Paul was part of the Blitzkrieg  team logging over 1,200 minutes in the challenge and has won a $500 Amazon Gift card!!


Congratulations to our team winners and to Robert and Paul!!


We look forward to hosting future fitness challenges!!