Global Fitness Challenge - Hanscom SMS Team

This summer SMS partnered with Cigna to beat the quarantine blues and challenge SMS employees and family members to participate in a 6 week fitness challenge.  The challenge encouraged friendly competition between colleagues and teams to see who had the most fitness activity each week.  Participants won badges, participated in a little competitive banter and were entered in a total of (8) weekly gift card drawings.  To entice competition between teams, SMS challenged the 11 teams to compete for a $1,500 sponsorship to their favorite charity for the first and second place team.

Our second place team named “Social Discoing” chose St. Anne’s Home and School in Methuen, MA.  St. Anne’s offer private day programs and child and adolescent residential services designed to nurture, rehabilitate and support those who are emotionally and/or behavioral disturbed.  This charity is near and dear to many of our employees who work at Hanscom Air Force Base which have also sponsored Angel Tree Donations, book drives and more to support this local charity.  On August 26th, the “Social Discoing” team along with SMS President, Matthew Rosecan and Chief Operating Officer, John Ladd participated in a Zoom call while Regional Director, Larry O’Connell and Team Captain, Peggy Brennan presented the donation check to St. Anne’s CEO Mr. Cronin.  St. Anne’s thanks SMS employees for working hard to earn the donation and for their constant support throughout the years.

Shawn M Silva-Cosgrove, SMS’s Deputy Program Manager-Support, Cyber Support Services at Hanscom AFB and participant of the challenge, commented, “The Global Fitness Challenge was a great way to bring the SMS Hanscom team together to do something for not only themselves, but for the community, and more specifically a wonderful place like St. Anne’s Home and School.”   Peggy Brennan, SMS’s NE Regional Operations Manager and fellow participant, added,  “The Global Fitness Challenge gave us a chance not only to do something productive for ourselves as individuals, but grow closer as a team, knowing that if we were successful in landing in the top two teams in this competition, a wonderful organization (St. Ann’s) would be the beneficiary.  A BIG thanks to SMS for sponsoring such a wonderful event.”

The fitness challenge was enjoyed by the entire team and many are gearing up for the winter challenge set to start again in January.