Our Founder

Bert Rosecan (1937-2022)

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Bert Rosecan studied business at Washington University in St. Louis. After serving in the Army, Bert was determined to forge his own path and moved to Washington, DC to pursue a career in sales and management. He found early success with the then burgeoning technology company, Xerox.

In 1976, after recognizing the necessity for competition, value, and performance in the federal government’s technology marketplace, Bert founded SMS Data Products Group, Inc. Over the ensuing decades, SMS focused on innovative engineering solutions and adapting to industry changes and customer needs. As CEO for 46 years until his passing, Bert guided SMS with creativity and business acumen, establishing and maintaining the company’s reputation for solving unique information technology challenges within the Department of Defense.

Always eager to listen to an individual’s story and interests, Bert’s passion for business was matched by his ability to connect to employees, customers, and partners. Both traditional and modern, he valued teamwork and communication, always keeping his door open for each employee. Bert created a culture where employees worked together to provide the best possible support to the customers’ missions.