SMS Case Studies

Secure Information Sharing: Enhancing Customer Experience and Increasing Productivity


Challenge: Determining the type of content the site was going to host and designing a user-friendly interface with existing technologies.


An Air Force customer struggled with data retention on a legacy repository with no intuitive structure and limited use beyond the storage of documents that were hard to find afterwards.


SMS provided several design examples that improved site navigation and information sharing based on the customer’s goal of improved design, functionality, and access to information.  The SMS System Administrator created a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to manage the project efficiently, including steps to migrate legacy data from numerous subsites to new lists, libraries, calendars, folders, and pages, with updated permissions that allowed for secure storage of restricted information. Regular meetings with the customer ensured continued feedback on each iteration until the site was finalized and approved.


Using existing technology and at no additional cost to the customer, SMS improved the speed with which current information can now be found, adding links to each area of the branch for quick access by all personnel. Improved permissions allow for restricted areas of the site for branch staff to store internal documentation. New sections for facilities, graphics, personnel, plans, training, and travel greatly enhance the user experience and increase productivity.  One of the best features on the new site is a consolidated scientific and technical information (STINFO) page. This page contains the POCs, links for guidance, templates, forms, training, drop boxes, and processes. Another benefit for users is a dedicated training page providing a one stop shop for all training links, documents, forms, and guidance.