SMS Company Highlights

Molly Murphy

Purchasing Manager

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Molly Murphy started with SMS in 2010 and has steadily developed into an integral part of the company. Molly has been the focal point in supporting our increasingly complex customer requirements as well as ensuring that all of our employees have the tools necessary to do their jobs.

Ben Friedman, Vice President of Strategic Sourcing, stated:
“Whether it is working with our project managers to deliver materials to a project site or finding a supplier of hand sanitizer or face masks, Molly is always ready to get the job done right. SMS is pleased to announce that Ms. Murphy has been promoted to the position of Purchasing Manager.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Molly has dedicated herself to helping SMS teams with critical, personal protective equipment needs.

“Over the past two weeks, Molly has spent numerous hours searching many, many online suppliers for these cleaning items. She has been tireless in trying to locate these items and she finally found some bottles of isopropyl alcohol this week by arriving at the first of two Giant Food stores at 6:00 am. Combined with absorbent wipes and spray bottles, we were able to ship the supplies yesterday afternoon to mission essential Air Force personnel in Montgomery, Alabama. These supplies will help where they are needed most. I cannot tell you how appreciative the Service Delivery management team is for her support and for the fact that she cares about our team members working on this critical program.” -Rocky Patel, SMS Vice President, Service Delivery, 04/02/2020