SMS Company Highlights

President’s Awards – 1st Quarter 2023

Each month via SPOTLIGHT, our employee engagement platform, SMS President Matt Rosecan recognizes employees who demonstrate our values of collaboration, commitment, and creativity. Congratulations to the first quarter President’s Award recipients for 2023, Anthony Owens , Cedric Hall, George Selby and Bryon Hairston! 

SMS is pleased to recognize Anthony Owens, Sr. Desktop Support Specialist, with the March President’s Award for demonstrating our values of collaboration, commitment, and creativity. Since joining the ARTEMIS Team in October 2022, Anthony has been silently, but effectively, providing critical Linux support to the AFRL-West Linux Community. Within months of joining the ARTEMIS Linux Team, Anthony was responsible for building, testing, maintaining, provisioning, deploying, and deprovisioning all AFRL-West Linux workstations (including High Powered Workstations), as well as managing the RDT&E High-Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster. Anthony takes the time to create automation scrips that help the other technicians, shares his Linux knowledge, and inspires other technicians to start exploring Linux. Anthony also creates Linux specific processes and procedures for the ARTEMIS Continuity Handbook (which is a contract deliverable), assists with monthly vulnerability management, and creates Linux Inventory for the Service Desk to assist with managing the machines’ MAC addresses on-location after DHCP and DNS issue on the Linux RDT&E network. Thank you, Anthony!  

We are delighted to recognize Cedric Hall with February’s President’s Award for demonstrating our values of collaboration, commitment, and creativity. Cedric provided outstanding support as a Sr. Systems Engineer on our Air Force NCC/NOS program in Montgomery, Alabama. In February, our customer highlighted to SMS leadership the fantastic support Cedric provides on a daily basis and, in particular, his performance during a recent outage: “He has always been exceptional since he has been here and he has always demonstrated outstanding leadership with the Air Force team ensuring NetOps Leadership has the latest status on all outages/requirements. He is the Team Lead when we have an outage, ensuring the problem is resolved with effective problem solving and reducing downtime for any network issue that we have here in NetOps.” Thank you, Cedric!  

SMS is proud  to recognize George Selby and Bryon Hairston with January’s President’s Award for demonstrating our values of collaboration, commitment, and creativity. George and Bryon have been dedicated for more than twenty years combined to SMS’ warehouse and logistics requirements, including receiving and managing inventory, shipments, and making deliveries. In January 2023, they received a recognition from the Pentagon’s Joint Service Provider (JSP) Program Director for their dedication to the JSP mission. In the past year, impacts from supply chain issues resulted in a large number of incomplete JPS project deliveries, causing a major increase in the volume of inventory in the warehouse to support the program. Even with the physical constraints of the warehouse footprint, the team has been able to ensure that project materials are organized, labeled correctly, and are readily available for delivery when required for the program. Thank you for your hard work and dedication, George and Bryon!  

Congratulations to this quarter’s Presidential Awardees! Well-earned and thank you!