SMS Company Highlights

President’s Awards – 1st Quarter 2024

Each month via SPOTLIGHT, our employee engagement platform, SMS President Matt Rosecan recognizes employees who demonstrate our values of collaboration, commitment, and creativity. Congratulations to the first quarter 2024 President’s Award recipients, Lance Kurisaki, Josh Snyder, and John Winship!

Congratulations to Lance Kurisaki for earning the January President’s Award for exemplifying our values of collaboration, commitment, and creativity. Lance joined SMS 2020 as a Sr. Software Developer, and he has supported that customer for over 20 years. Lance developed a reputation as a creative problem solver throughout his career and recently delivered a solution that earned him a commendation. When the on-ground Commander recognized the critical need to keep personnel informed of evolving real-world situations Lance responded and successfully developed and implemented a robust SharePoint solution that automated key processes such as sign-up, security clearance, attendance tracking, and data collection. Despite tight deadlines and demanding requirements, Lance was able to deliver this solution which significantly reduced administrative workloads by 40%. Congratulations and outstanding work, Lance!

Josh Snyder earned with February’s President’s Award for exemplifying our values of collaboration, commitment, and creativity. Josh has been a Sr. Engineer with SMS for 13 years and was recently commended by our DoD customer when their “schedule was delayed for a single day instead of 3 weeks” after Josh and his team quickly stood up a RA VPN instance for DoDNet. Josh has been instrumental to the success of the customer architecture and migrations over the past decade and, aside from his outstanding technical skills, Josh is a consummate team player who always looks to make his team better. Fellow SMS engineer Mark Buono aptly describes Josh as a “highest caliber engineer but it is also true that Josh is perhaps, the most gifted instructor who deals with a most complicated topic. Many people are either technically brilliant or great at communicating ideas; few are both. Josh’s value to the Team (and to SMS) is incredible and I am most fortunate to have the opportunity to publicly recognize him as a colleague and a mentor.” Thank you for everything you do for SMS and our customers, Josh!

SMS is pleased to recognize John Winship with the March President’s Award for exemplifying our values of collaboration, commitment, and creativity. John made the unique jump to SMS’ corporate proposal team last August after supporting our BLITS2 Hanscom AFB task order as the Web Development Team Lead since 2021. Since making that move, John’s eagerness to be a key contributor as a Solutions Architect has been easily apparent. In March, SMS submitted our first proposal as a prime contractor to support a primarily OCONUS task order for the Air Force in Qatar, and John’s solutioning was key to the proposal. After SMS submitted the proposal, Chris Partridge, Director, Strategic Solutions Development, wrote: “Since joining the Solutions Architect Team, you have really done an outstanding job, learning on the fly, and being extremely productive and thoughtful. I appreciate all that you do and all that you bring to our team.” Thank you, John, for your passion and hard work!