SMS Company Highlights

President’s Awards – 2nd Quarter 2023

Each month via SPOTLIGHT, our employee engagement platform, SMS President Matt Rosecan recognizes employees who demonstrate our values of collaboration, commitment, and creativity. Congratulations to the second quarter President’s Award recipients for 2023, Frank Gutierrez, Glenn Jones, and Cheryl Sibbett! 

SMS is pleased to recognize Francisco (Frank) Gutierrez with June’s President’s Award for demonstrating our values of collaboration, commitment, and creativity. Frank has been supporting SMS’ AIT Army contract for three years and was recognized recently by one of his teammates for his leadership in guiding and working with new employees. Among Frank’s many strengths is his commitment to ensuring that his teammates have a clear path to understanding all the requirements for their team trips abroad, as well as procedures for site surveys, team meetings, and any other necessary activities in providing customer support. In addition to helping his teammates learn the necessary aspects of the AIT program, Frank also makes sure to guide his teammates in becoming integral parts of SMS. Frank’s willingness to travel across the world to support various foreign governments to improve and modernize their IT posture is a small example of his dedication to the customer and its mission. Thank you, Frank, and keep up the great work!

We present Glenn Jones with May’s President’s Award for demonstrating our values of collaboration, commitment, and creativity. Glenn has been a Sr. engineer with SMS since 1995, currently supporting the Pentagon. Though Glenn has never sought attention for his accomplishments, SMS engineers have routinely demonstrated tremendous respect for his skills and ability to solve our customers’ toughest challenges. In May, a Pentagon stakeholder who had been trying to stand up a network for nearly two years summed up succinctly and powerfully what Glenn has been providing for nearly three decades with SMS: “We were met with ‘No’, ‘I don’t know’, and road blocks. We were met with people ignoring us and pushing us to the side…Thank you for making all the No’s into a Yes! For individuals you will never meet and goals you will never know were achieved. Thank you for keeping us Mission Ready!” SMS also thanks you, Glenn!

SMS also proudly recognizes Cheryl Sibbett with April’s President’s award for demonstrating our values of collaboration, commitment, and creativity. Cheryl has provided operations and executive support since joining SMS in April 1993, and we celebrated her 30-year anniversary at last month’s 2022 Awards ceremony. With a keen ability to both connect with fellow SMS employees as well as understand our operational needs, Cheryl is integral to keeping SMS corporate running smoothly. One of her key roles – managing travel and airline logistics for all SMS employees – has increased significantly in both time and complexity over the past decade as SMS has expanded into supporting Government sites in more than two dozen states, as well as worldwide installations. Nearly every week Cheryl deftly accommodates last-minute travel needs and requests at all hours of the day and night. Cheryl will also be a key part of managing our upcoming headquarters move this Fall. Congratulations and thank you, Cheryl!

Congratulations to this quarter’s Presidential Awardees! Well-earned and thank you!