SMS Company Highlights

President’s Awards – 4th Quarter 2022

Each month via SPOTLIGHT, our employee engagement platform, SMS President Matt Rosecan recognizes employees who demonstrate our values of collaboration, commitment, and creativity. Congratulations to the President’s Award recipients for the fourth quarter of 2022, Theresa Montgomery, Linda George, and Amanda Bell!

Since joining SMS as a Tech Writer, Theresa Montgomery has quickly had a significant impact on both her teammates and customer. Tech writing projects had been languishing before Theresa’s arrival, but she hit the ground running and cleaned up an extensive backlog while taking on new projects, quickly establishing trust with the customer. Even with no background in technology, SharePoint development, video production/editing, or other traditional IT skills, she immediately established herself as someone that could relay information in a clear, concise, and crisp manner, regardless of the topic. In addition to her focused approach and can-do attitude, Theresa exudes a bright, infectious personality that has an extremely positive effect on her colleagues. Theresa is the recipient of the October President’s Award in acknowledgment of the praise she receives daily from the customer as a competent and joyful member to the team. Thank you, Theresa!

As part of providing unrelenting support in her role, Linda George works with a calm demeanor and thoroughness through oftentimes onerous requirements to ensure satisfaction. In her role as Senior Equipment Control Officer, she manages service requests for products and equipment from every organization across the base. Linda is recognized with the November President’s Award for her fortitude and professionalism resulting in the smoothest possible outcomes even when working under challenging conditions. Thank you, Linda!

As Payroll Manager, Amanda Bell manages all payroll activities to include timesheet reconciliation, payroll calculations, and payroll tax compliance to 26 states. Payroll is, of course, always an essential function for everyone in the company, but December was especially critical as we were preparing payroll and accounting systems for the January move to weekly timesheets and bi-weekly payroll. Amanda spent a substantial amount of time supporting and working through this complex and significant transition. In the middle of these upgrades, Amanda even received a comment on SMS Spotlight from an employee thanking her for how quickly she helped him verify his personal leave balance. For supporting tasks both big and small, Amanda is the recipient of December’s President’s Award. Thank you, Amanda!