IT as a Service

As Federal agencies move forward with Application Modernization and adopt a cloud-native Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) application development model, they are faced with many challenges: What applications are appropriate for modernization? Where do we deploy these rapidly iterated cloud-native applications (public, hybrid, or private cloud)? How do we manage applications across multiple clouds?

SMS facilitates this journey by providing our customers with the tools, platforms and procurement models that are necessary for a successful migration into hybrid multi-cloud IT operations and continuous application integration and deployment.

What is ITaaS?

Information Technology as-a-Service (ITaaS) is an IT service delivery model that offers users the ability to access and use products and services as needed on a pay-as-you-go basis. ITaaS services can be broadly classified into three categories: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Infrastructure as a Service provides end users with cloud like access and consumption of core IT components, such as compute, storage, networking and virtualization. Platform as a Service provides one layer above the IT hardware stack, such as database or big data platforms, delivered as a service in a cloud-like financial consumption model. Finally, Software as a Service provides end users with access to hosted software platforms via a subscription model.

SMS’  ITaaS provides access to enterprise IT offerings, both on-premises and off, via a utility pricing model that provides cloud economics across public, private and hybrid deployments. Multi-cloud orchestration provides administrators full control and cost visibility for workloads deployed in any cloud, and also provides end users with a single self-service portal with access to those clouds.

Benefits of SMS ITaaS

There are many benefits of ITaaS, including the following:

  • ITaaS provides a flexible pay-as-you-go model that can save organizations money
  • ITaaS can help organizations be more agile and flexible
  • ITaaS can help organizations scale their operations more easily
  • ITaaS can provide a high level of customization and control
  • ITaaS can help organizations improve their security posture

SMS’ ITaaS Offerings

SMS ITaaS can be used to provide a wide range of cloud-based services (both public and private), including storage, computing, networking, and software. ITaaS provides a flexible, vendor neutral acquisition model that has no minimum terms or commitments and can be terminated at any time.

  • Storage as a Service (STaaS)
  • Compute as a Service (CaaS)
  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure as a Service (HCIaaS)
  • Network as a Service (NaaS)

Storage as a Service (STaaS)

Enterprise storage is the cornerstone of IT, and modern storage systems bring simplicity, scale and speed to enterprise data centers. Whether your applications utilize file, block, cloud-native object or long-term archive storage, SMS Storage as a Service provides a unique subscription-like access to those resources.

This novel approach provides access to storage capacity in a flexible cloud-like financial model no matter if the resources reside on premises, co-located, or in the public cloud. This freedom allows our customers to focus on application modernization and digital transformation efforts while SMS provides the storage engineering capability and capacity with less risk of under-provisioning or over sizing.

The benefits of SMS Storage as a Service include:

  • Right-sized deployments: SMS engineers work closely with our customers to provide storage capacity and buffers that better align with current and future capacity requirements
  • Reduced cost: Pay for only the capacity currently needed
  • Faster time-to-value: Capacity can be added or removed quickly and at any time to meet changing mission requirements
  • Flexible financial model: Pay as you grow and scale capacity up or down at any time with no floors and no penalties

Compute as a Service (CaaS)

Compute and processing power is arguably the bedrock component of any information technology infrastructure or architecture. Modern computing systems are increasingly deployed not as standalone monolithic application infrastructures, but as connected and clustered hybrid cloud architectures. SMS’ Compute as a Service (CaaS) offering provides agencies with a vendor-agnostic consumption-based IT service model that provides compute capacity (on- or off-premises) on demand in a pay-as-you-grow financial model.

SMS’ CaaS offering provides our customers with the ability to rapidly scale compute resources (up or down) with changing mission needs and has no minimum capacity floors and no penalties. Our extensive range of OEM partnerships allows us to provide the best choice in compute hardware for each scenario, or multiple vendors even, all in a simple to consume monthly price.

The benefits of SMS Compute as a Service include:

  • Reduce Overprovisioning: Right-sized compute deployments with proper buffer prevent overprovisioning and overspending
  • Vendor Agnostic: SMS’ wide array of OEM partnerships mean our customers have access to the right technology to fit every need
  • Accelerate Innovation: Faster adoption of new technology, more frequent technology refresh
  • Rapidly meet changing mission requirements: Scale up, or down, at any time, without penalty, to meet mission needs
  • Enable Hybrid Cloud: Pay for compute resources – on-premises, co-located, or public cloud – in a simple and consistent financial model across all locations.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure as-a-Service (HCIaaS)

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) is the foundation for building an enterprise hybrid cloud environment for modernizing IT, bringing cloud simplicity to the enterprise data center. Hyperconverged infrastructure simplifies operations by integrating compute, storage, networking, and virtualization through intelligent software that can be managed as a single stack. Hyperconverged infrastructure delivers data center agility with scalable solutions that extend a virtual environment to support new and expanding workloads with less disruption than traditional IT.

The benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure include:

  • Simplified IT operations
  • Ability to scale easily and incrementally
  • Increases service agility
  • Optimizes TCO
  • Support for both traditional and cloud-native workloads
  • Increases focus on business outcomes

Supporting applications like:

  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Data Protection & Disaster Recovery
  • VDI
  • Big Data
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Remote & Branch Office IT

SMS can deliver hyperconverged infrastructure in a pay-as-you-grow subscription model (HCIaaS) and can be paired with Professional, Managed and Support Services to meet your mission requirements.

Network as a Service (NaaS)

Network as a Service (NaaS) is a cloud-like delivery model for network capability (on- or off-premises) that enables agencies to purchase network capacity on an as-needed, pay-as-you-go basis. This allows agencies to avoid the upfront costs associated with traditional network infrastructures, and it also helps them to scale their networks on demand. By aligning network capacity with mission needs, NaaS can help agencies be more agile and responsive to changes in their environment.

NaaS can be used to provide a wide range of networking services, including virtual private networks (VPNs), firewalling and security, traffic management, load balancers, switching, routing, cloud services and more. NaaS also provides an easy way for organizations to experiment with different networking solutions without having to commit to a long-term solution. This flexibility makes it well-suited for both small and large businesses.

SMS has been providing enterprise network and transport products and services for more than 30 years, and our engineers are extremely capable in areas of network architecture, implementation, and operations. We have deep skills in even the most recent advancements in network technology including cloud networking, SD-WAN and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). Coupled with our NaaS offering, SMS engineers can provide a turnkey managed service for all your networking needs.

The benefits of SMS Network as a Service include:

  • Flexible financial model: Pay monthly per device, per appliance (virtual/physical), or per port.
  • Reduced overall cost: Pay only for provisioned resources or “lit” ports.
  • Accelerate Innovation: Faster adoption of new technology, more frequent technology refresh.
  • Rapidly meet changing mission requirements: Scale up, or down, at any time, without penalty, to meet mission needs.
  • Leverage SMS Expertise: Ensure a quick time-to-value by leveraging SMS’s extensive experience in this space.