OASIS Small Business, Pool 4 

OASIS Small Business (SB) is an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract that provides flexible and innovative solutions for complex professional services. This contract spans many areas of expertise and professional service disciplines, and supports all mission spaces of the U.S. Federal Government.

Benefits of using OASIS

OASIS is flexible, easy to use and allows agencies to:

  • Purchase commercial or non-commercial services
  • Use any contract type, including hybrid mixtures of contract types
  • Establish CLIN structures tailored to individual task order requirements
  • Order work within CONUS and outside CONUS
  • Determine labor category price estimates for up to 640 precise geographic locations ranging from state to metropolitan area to non-metropolitan area, and even the territories of Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
  • Add labor categories at the task order level, if necessary
  • Include ancillary services and other direct costs (ODCs) at the task order level as needed
  • Access templates and sample acquisition documents
  • Access transactional data and data analytics for spend analysis and market research
  • Obtain acquisition support through a robust Web library and customer service hotline
  • Share lessons-learned and best-practices.

Contract No:  47QRAD20D4044

Period of Performance:  3/26/2020 – 12/19/2024

Ordering Period:  Task orders awarded during the OASIS SB term may extend up to 5 years after the OASIS SB term expires.

Ceiling:  The OASIS and OASIS SB Contract Pools have a combined ceiling of $60 Billion.

Contract Types:  All contract types are allowed, including fixed-price, labor hour, time & material, cost-reimbursement and hybrids of these types.

Contact Information: Contact us at OASIS@sms.com to learn more, or visit the GSA OASIS SB Homepage