SMS Company Highlights

2020 Awards

Anna Anderson – Business Development Executive of the Year
Anna has a unique ability to synthesize her knowledge of government initiatives with customer and partner relationships, and a strong understanding of SMS operations. She led the planning, capture, and business strategy for what would become one of SMS’ largest ever task order awards: 2020’s Air Force Cyber Support Services II (CSS2). In addition, Anna led SMS to multiple wins supporting the Army, including key programs supporting cloud and cyber initiatives.

Jesse Ebron – Administrative Excellence
Whether shipping gloves and masks to our program sites or employee homes, or delivering equipment to the Pentagon, Jesse and his team kept the SMS warehouse operations up, running, and thriving throughout the pandemic. Jesse has been key to helping SMS adapt to industry needs throughout his two decades with the company, leading to the modernization of our warehouse and logistics operations and instituting new policies, procedures, tools, and systems, ensuring that we have always met the changing needs of our customers.

Chris Lovelady – Service Delivery Manager of the Year
Chris excelled at everything he did in 2020, making a tremendous impact to the technical success of his programs, to the performance of the engineers he led, and to the success of SMS as a company. He provided technical leadership across several Air Force bases and multiple programs, and for several months provided key proposal and solutions support for our successful bid for CSS2. Chris was subsequently promoted to Deputy Program Manager for the performance of that Air Force task order.

Andrew Stanley – Engineer of the Year
Early in 2020, Andrew began work on a new project in support of the Army’s Enterprise IT as a Service (EITaaS) program, quickly excelling during the initial survey and design phases. Within months he was leading the team, quickly creating tremendous improvements in performance, communication, and partner relationships. Andrew’s work ethic, technical skills, and team leadership led to the successful development and delivery of the Army’s required deliverables, as well as elevating SMS’ status within the EITaaS community.

2020 awards