SMS Company Highlights

Sheri Resperski

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At SMS, we pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of support to our customers. On a mid-December day in 2020, Sheri Resperski found herself going above and beyond by providing critical assistance to a government manager who had become seriously ill.

Sheri had travelled to her customer’s base in Maryland from her home in Pennsylvania, while her Government customer was also arriving in Maryland from her home in Florida. On Monday morning, her customer became ill, and Sheri quickly realized she needed to get her to the clinic on base. After an initial evaluation, the medical personnel decided Sheri’s customer needed a higher level of care and ordered an ambulance for transport to the hospital.

The Mid-Atlantic region was being battered at the time by the first significant snow storm of the season, preventing her customer’s relatives from coming into town and meeting her at the hospital. Realizing that the family would be delayed, Sheri stayed with her customer at the hospital until she was finally admitted to a room. Sheri’s customer underwent emergency surgery on Tuesday morning, and Sheri stayed in close contact with her until her release from the hospital on Wednesday. She continued to demonstrate her dependability by picking her customer up from the hospital and staying with her until her relatives could arrive to take her home to Florida, where she recovered fully.

Thank you, Sheri, for demonstrating your commitment to your customer and making a difference through your actions!

SMS: Can you tell us a little about your job and how you support your customer?

Sheri:  I am a technical writer, writing SATCOM Operation and Maintenance manuals. With this, I interact daily with the customer and project team through email and Zoom/Team meetings. Depending on the project, I sometimes have to travel for support. For example, I am currently tasked to the Direct Communications Link (DCL) project, where I support the project by traveling to Fort Detrick, Maryland since September 2020.

SMS: Can you share a little about yourself with us?

Sheri:  I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. Having dogs when I was younger, it is no surprise that I am now a fur-mom of two dogs. My oldest is named Joy who is a five-year-old Shichon (a mixed breed between a Shih Tzu and Bichon), and then there is Sugar who is a three-year-old Shih Tzu. They are my life! In my spare time I design one-of-a-kind jewelry and I try to keep one of my father’s legacies alive, which is doing a “good deed” when I can, and donating my time to my church.

SMS: What brought you to SMS?

Sheri: My background of technical writing started 20 years ago working as a Senior Technical Writer for a medical manufacturing company in their Research and Development department. But, becoming a writer was not why I went to Wilkes University (Go Colonels!) , I received a Bachelors degree in English and Secondary Education. With that, I am a part-time online English Instructor by night for an online college based out of Scranton, PA. My education did not stop at Wilkes; I attended Florida University online to obtain a certification in Web Master, learning HTML coding and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

My journey has led me to SMS, which I am proud to be part of for three years (four in May).

SMS:  Any thoughts that you would like to share about your team and about SMS in general?

Sheri:  SMS’ culture sets it apart from other companies. The work is always interesting and the support from fellow workers and upper management is outstanding. I am very proud to be part of a terrific company, team, and family.