SMS Company Highlights

Anniversary Awards

For over 20 years, SMS has recognized the dedication and value each employee contributes with anniversary awards. This tradition began with ten-year anniversary watches and has expanded to include six more milestones ranging from one to twenty years. In 2020, over 400 employees received awards, including SMS-branded travel mugs, jackets, backpacks, and coolers.


SMS’ Payroll and HR Assistant, Kendra Gonet (left) has been managing the anniversary awards for the past year.  “Since starting my position in February of this year, I’ve had the opportunity to send out a large amount of service awards to our SMS employees!  Sending out these service awards is a good reminder that everyone working for SMS works hard and is loyal to the company.  Being able to give back to our employees and show them that they are truly appreciated and highly valued is one of the best perks of being here.  It’s refreshing to see such commitment and appreciation on both ends, especially when I come across employees that have been with SMS for decades!  I’m looking forward to receiving my own service award soon for completing my first year, of many, with SMS!” 

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